Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Maybelline Baby Lips and Lashes

The latest and greatest product from Maybelline! No joke, Maybelline is my favorite non-department store brand for it's quality and fit to my skin tone and preferences. I got to try their new baby kiss balms and they are wonderful! Their great lashes product, as always (for what, the last decade?) are the best. I adore the packaging too, they are quite fun!

Stay tuned, I will have pictures of the product soon! :)

So my initial reaction was that I really wasn't sure. I heard mixed reviews from other friends, website reviews, and from some bzzagents as well. Well, when I got the box I was pretty excited. I always wear some combination of lipstick and lip balm, and these were simply fantastic.

Unfortunately, I think perhaps Maybelline made a blunder when they were releasing these- these are so summery and bright in color, makes me wonder why on earth they wanted to release these during late October, so that most stores get them by the end of November? By then the colors that are in and trendy are jewel hues, glitters, black and blue. I'm kind of scratching my head at this. If Maybelline released these during the summer, I have no doubt that they'd be a bigger hit than now. I do love the packaging though.

Now, onto the lip balms themself. I love every single one of them, minus the pink punch, and that's because I really detest that shade of pink. I didn't get the grape colored one, and I might be tempted to splurge on one of those in a little bit for that lovely bold color. I'm kind of sad no coupons were included, but I'm not complaining. I didn't get any of that "I can smell/taste the SPF in this balm!!" and I'm somewhat allergic to SPF, so that's a good thing. On another hand, that may indicate the SPF is weak. Who knows? I'm not in the sun much during the winter, so it's not as big a problem. Again, why release these during the winter and tout the benefits of the SPF when most people aren't in the sun as much? Curious....

I have to agree that the color and scent are subtle, and I love that. I also love that these are crowded with metallica powder, or whatever they use that looks like broken mirror deposits. Afterall, I'm just looking for a pop of color and the benefit of having moisturized lips. If I wanted color, I'd go for lipstick (hence the mixing of the two). I've already received several compliments on them, and I've just pointed them to the makeup aisle.

Everyone already knows that Maybelline's Great Lash is their best selling product, with some crazy statistic that one get sold every second or something like that. Needless to say, I love Great Lash too. I don't care if Maybelline releases a new "Great Lash" every month and the only difference is the brush, I just really like this mascara. I don't wear it much, but I can definitely see a difference after I brush it on. My only qualm is to make the original formula waterproof, as some of it was smearing all over once I was yawning and some errant tears came out.

Anyway, I think the balms are worth it, especially if they're on sale. I really like the peppermint and quenched clear versions, though I'm still not sure why Maybelline released two clear balms, and the latter being some ambiguous description "quenched", which is suppose to hint at the scent. Right...I guess it would work for the target group, as the cute and retro packaging is really for the teen and tween and young adult categories. I can't see any adults really carrying this around. Perhaps another suggestion is to make a more mature version for the older woman? :)